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Rowanwood Farm Educational Programs

Here at Rowanwood Farm we offer a variety of educational programs that meet the needs of many individuals and groups.  These programs can be brought to various locations or visits to the farm can be arranged.  We feature our llamas and/or our goats at these gatherings.  We work with senior centers, libraries, preschools and schools, boys scouts, and girl scouts, groups small and large, and have even worked with high school students at a Peruvian restaurant. 

During a visit, participants learn firsthand about the animals.  They are up close and personal and everyone has an opportunity to interact with these amazing creatures.  At the same time, we share the animals’ history, characteristics and care. Topics like where llamas come from, how they are sheared or what they eat are just three of the many interesting particulars that participants learn about our animals.

We customize our activities based on the age and need of a particular group.
We also conduct one-on-one sessions with individuals who might require contact with our animals in a therapeutic way.

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