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Have Some FUN...Spend your day with a Llama!

Here's the article featuring Rowanwood Llama Hiking that appeared in the Newtown Bee!
And also featured on the Suburban Farmgirl blog, sponsored by MaryJane's Farm
Day Hike

Imagine...taking a rare breed miniature llama for a guided hike on the beautiful trails
at the McLaughlin Vineyard in Sandy Hook, Ct.

Imagine...walking leisurely for about two hours along a mild path
in a beautiful pine forest, along the river through a Bald Eagle Sanctuary,
bordering a thousand acre State Forest.

Well...don't just imagine! Make it happen!
We meet people at the McLaughlin Vineyard here in Newtown
any day except Monday or Tuesday when they are closed.
(On rare occasions, we are granted special permission to hike on those days).

Call (AJ at 203-270-8346) or email to tell me when you would like to "take a hike".
Then we will arrange a time to meet at the vineyard.

A mere $40 rents your llama companion, but we need at least two to hike together
because they are bonded herd animals. We have the ability to take as many
as seven out on the trail at this time. (The others are still in training)  

 Children  must be at least twelve or older to walk their very own llama,
and at least eight years old to go out on these trails. 
For only $10 each, any extra guests can walk the hike without their own assigned llama.

We go weather permitting...we only hike if the weather is nice.
Not too hot, raining or deep snow.
Bring comfortable shoes, water, camera and so forth.
Just to let you know...don't bring more than you can comfortably carry....
my llamas are spoiled pets and do not carry a pack !!!!

We start with a presentation about the llamas
and proper handling techniques... then off to the trails.

Llama and alpaca gift items will be available. If you wish to have a more intense educational experience, I can also demonstrate fiber arts or give a class at an additional rate.

A shorter one hour program for younger children is available as well.

Please contact me to sign up for this unique,exciting
and unforgettable experience of hiking with miniature llamas !!!! 

Be sure to visit our Facebook page

visit our facebook page



See ya' on the trail !

PS...the vineyard also has many other fun activities which you can find listed on their web site at