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Here's a fun song and video for you to enjoy!

The miniature or "minillama" is the same species as the standard llama but very small in size, making them easier to handle and easily owned by a wider section of people.  Many people are already referring to them as the "backyard llama"!!  They are the cutest animals ever. We are fortunate that we also have Argentine bloodlines in many of our miniature llamas...and they have added their gentle natures, strong bone structure and fabulous fiber to the already wonderful attributes of the minillama.

Llamas have a gentle, intelligent and curious nature but somewhat like a cat, they cannot be forced, but they can be coaxed. To know them is to love them.

Meet our beloved llamas below...




Lady Hawk has to be my favorite of all my llamas. She is a medium height and has that solid "Draft Horse" style look about her, including the heavy feathering on her ankles. She has a natural instinct and desire to please everybody. She is sensitive and kind, gentle and calm. She can do anything and go anywhere. She trusts and loves everybody ! I put a pack on her for the first time and she didn't mind or even care...almost like she didn't even notice . I've never had to train her how to do anything, she just does whatever I need her to do.

She is my gentle giant and so beautiful.
I am so lucky to have her!


She is such a special gal. Llucky came here as an adult llama, she just loves people, going for walks and going on new adventures. She is extremely intelligent with a "Can-Do" attitude. She tolerates petting up to a point, but is always calm and steady. She is very dainty with what I call her
"skinny naked chicken legs"!
Did I mention she loves to be groomed?
I can shear her right down to her toes without even having her wearing a halter or lead rope.
She is a "diva" and likes to always be beautiful
and well groomed.

Llucky Llama


Lark is such an expressive llama with an endearing soul. She has the largest big brown eyes and just will look and look at you... not ever giving up until you pet and love her. She will even walk over to you to rest her head on you for gentle pats. She really loves attention and doesn't have a mean bone in her body.She is a natural at being the perfect program animal and is an awesome mom too. I'm very proud of Lark.


Moon is always attentive to everything going on around her and always aware of her environment. She will seek you out for love anytime you are with the herd. She especially likes her neck pets and has the shiniest silkiest fiber I've ever seen. She also has the longest funny tail and the cutest waddle when she walks which makes everybody laugh. We call her "Moaning Moon" since she likes to sing on the trail.
All the kids just love Moon.



"Sir Rowan of Rowanwood" is the reigning king here and he knows it ! He looks like a proud lion guarding his herd. He takes his job very seriously especially when babies are born on the farm and he goes into "high Alert". He is a great program pet too. He has been there, done that. He is stunning to look at and he is a perfect poster child for llamas. He is strong and regal,yet so gentle even with the smalles of creatures. Rowan is a pleasure to keep here on the farm.


Willow is such a comical, funny llama.She will walk up to you with her nose in the air with a haughty "I'm better than you" appearance. The truth is... she just wants you to to pet her neck and that will put her in a trance! She is Moons mom and they are very similar...
although not in appearance.



Tink is a very beautiful llama. Its amazing how her white fiber always stays white ! She is very bonded to Willow and those two are never far apart doing everything together. Tink is a thinker. She is always in the background watching everything. She is very gentle and well trained with her halter and lead,and is always trusting.


Song is my newest prodigy. She just seems so perfect from the start,and is so sweet and calm. She is a little carbon copy of her mama Lark. I have the highest hopes for her and I think she will rise and shine to become one of my best program animals. She is a people pleaser ,and oh so beautiful. She is fearless and curious about every new adventure. She just loves and trusts everybody. She is a true people pleaser.



Oh, Maple!! She has to be the prettiest, fluffiest llama I know. Everybody just wants to sink their hands into her gorgeous fiber. She is the kissiest llama here and loves people. She comes right up to anybody and wants attention...or is it the animal cookies?! She was successfully shown and won 1st Place Juvenile Mini and Reserve Champion Mini at the 2010 Virginia Classic! She is a show stopper and heart stopper!


Summer is definitely Maples daughter! She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She loves to give kisses but is a bit shy and needing her mom always there for constant reassurance. She is grown, but always a forever baby at heart. I can't wait to start her training this year because she is very special, and I'm sure children everywhere will love spending time with her.



Rosie is such a small, dainty refined mini llama. Her coloring is beautiful and her fiber is a spinners dream. She is timid in a large herd, but is so good when walking on a lead. She is well mannered and is an easy keeper. She is going to be on loan for educational programs at the Stamford Museum's childrens farm called Heckshire Farm . She will hopefully be pregnant and will have crias there for the public to see and for all the children to enjoy. She will be a true ambassador for minillamas !


Cute doesnt even begin to describe Sweet-Pea! She is absolutely the smallest llama in the herd at only 33", but don't let that fool you,she doesnt take any bossing from any of the other llamas here and they all know it! She is the most adorable little llama with her polka-dots and little "scruffy" face. She looks at you and may or may not kiss you unless she just feels like it. People just love to see her and can't believe llamas come polka-dotted! She will be here on the farm enjoying her life as a mama llama and hopefully will bring us many...many...polka-dotted babies in the years to come. I cant thank my good friend Gayle Dumas enough for letting me have the privilege of having her come here to live with me at Rowanwood Farm! I count my blessings daily ! (Smile)



Melody is small and such a show stopper ! She is very assertive in the herd and nobody challenges her. She is very calm,gentle and loves to be petted. I think her age has given her that matriarch position in the herd because I've never seen her give anybody a hard time. She is a very beautiful black with grey frosted tips giving her an almost silvery appearance. She is bold and beautiful and will be trained this year to go out on the trails if she shows the aptitude to want to do it, if not, then she will continue on as a mom to make some more of the best llamas ever..


Hurry is sooooo cute ! She makes people laugh just by seeing her funny face and big eyes. She is very shy, and took a long time before she would consider me to be part of "her" herd and now will meekly come up and sniff my nose! It may not be a kiss, but I'll take it! She doesn't really like to be touched or handled, but willingly tolerates it as something humans do. She is easy to work with when haltered and does accept our role as "Alphas". She will be here as one of my mama llamas and hopefully she will have a cria with her adorable markings .



Teddy is always hanging out with Song and acts like her big sister. She is the only llama I've seen with hair on her chin which looks like a beard!? It's so cute and just adds to her personality. Teddy is calm and steady, but takes her time to get to know you. ...but to know her is to love her! Her fiber is so thick and dense and an eye pleasing color. She will be enrolled into "Baby Boot camp" this spring to test her potential as a hiking llama, and good trail companion.


Lyric is the beautiful  daughter of Melody. She has a regal presence in the herd. I truly can't wait to spin her fiber, certainly a luxurious treat for any fiber artist.
She has show potential, star potential and program potential! She will be kept here on the farm to continue her 6th generation of mini llama bloodlines, providing tiny crias for all you mini llama enthusiasts. Are you looking for that high standard and quality that she  can and will produce? Look no further...
We can't wait to get started !!!

Lyric is FOR SALE
Please Email for details



Mariposa is an unusual llama, her coloring is a French cream color with an amazing red head with white nose....and those  adorable white eye brows!  Just Too Cute !! She has a strong solid Argentine build with fiber going down to her toes. Teddy is testimony of the beautiful crias she produces, and she is such an attentive mom. A natural. She is very good under halter and is well trained.

Mariposa is FOR SALE
Please Email for details


LLoo-LLoo is the friendliest, happiest, cutest llama here. She has that cool brown saddle pad marking on her back and such an adorable face. She loves to give kisses, and is so great with everybody. There isnt anything Lloo-lloo doesn't love ! She loves her "tubby time" with sudsy shampoo and brushing and any kind of fussing is the kind of  attention she wants. She is often the one seen sproinking across the field for just the sheer fun of doing it! She is just a fun loving  mini llama ! She has trained ME to feed her seperately every day, huh... imagine that! And Oh she wears her llama coat all winter, "spoiled" I believe is the word for it !

Lloo Lloo


Llily is a beautiful, shiny, all white mini llama with the longest silkiest ears Ive ever seen on a llama ! Her fiber would be perfect for an artist who loves to dye and play with fiber. She is definitely a herd matriarch, and tirelessly watches over her herd, taking her job very seriously. She will be the first to sound the alarm call and run right towards whatever is concerning her. It's probably from her strong maternal instincts and great mothering skills which has her on guard at all times. She has been a wonderful mom, and would be a great addition to any farm.

Llily is FOR SALE
Please Email for details